Interior trends of 2021

We can’t agree more on the fact that 2020 was a different experience for all of us. Globally there was a major change in the way people live, spend their time, work, and study. “Stay at home”, “Social Distancing” and many similar rules and policies shaped this change and forced people to spend more time at home rather than any other place.


We saw schools, universities, corporate offices, and many other entities shutdown completely to ask people to do work at home. This change made home more than a home as home now is office, school, entertainment, and basically everything.


Here in UAE, we noticed a big move from small apartments to bigger townhouses and villas as people required more area to breathe at home as going out isn’t a much-recommended option anymore. So, what actually changed?


Home office


Now more than ever an office desk is no longer a casual piece of furniture at home it’s as important as a bed. People require desks at home to work from home during periods of uncertainty and fear of virus spread. Now most of the companies in all industries asked employees to work at home so the demand sky rocketed dramatically for home office furniture. If you have a spare room at home you can easily redesign that room to be a home office using colors like: Dark grey, Tan Leather, and Executive Beige.


Play Room


Even our little ones were affected by the change as kids require space to play and spend energy during the day so a playroom is necessary to provide kids the space they need with soft furniture and bright colors to make it seem like a little nursery at home. Using shades lie Baby Blue, Pastel Pink, and peach is very recommended.


Gaming Room


During 2020 Lockdown period the world noticed more gamers going online and playing with friends to cope with the difficulty of going out so they turned to online gaming to stay entertained. People from all age groups switched on their consoles and PCs at home to spend their free time doing something entertaining. For gaming rooms, a gaming desk is required some people like to option for dark lighting and dark wallpaper/paint to make it feel more gaming like room.


Living Room


More time is spent in the living rooms be it Netflix and chill or napping, people tend to use the living room for more hours as they are actually spending more time at home than ever. As a result, people started noticing the color of the sofa, the comfort of the sofa, the shape of the sofa, all these matters became more important as it became more and more a part of everyone’s daily activity. We always recommend that you go with your preference “follow your instinct” when it comes to the choice of sofa as we all have different wants the good thing is, we have it all, so you name it we make it!



Here hoping for a better 2021 😊

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