About Us

Cortina is the result of years of hard work and market knowledge put all together to serve a hot plate of the trendiest furniture designs and everything Interior related. From Custom made furniture to custom made curtains & blinds, as well as many interesting services like Sofa reupholstery. In addition to many other products and services built around making your home a better place.

Our Values

Buffet Table -BT430

We Are inspired

See, in life we encounter many incidents, experiences, emotions, and many other factors that may or may not inspire us to move forward well we do get inspired by all new trends that’s what drives us on a day-to-day basis. Our team of product research and development breathe furniture in and out they smell everything new and different around the world just to bring it to you in one place.

We are Focused

Getting inspired is just the beginning, innovating a product from scratch is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish considering all cost and time it might take to create a single piece of furniture. It requires lots of patience to succeed through nights of trials and errors to achieve one single successful outcome. We believe in this process, we believe in hard-work, focus, and patience.

We are Patient

Custom making beautiful unique furniture pieces requires a long time and effort as many different details and variable materials come in play together to build a single piece. We walk through this step by step with all the patience needed.

We aren’t alone

Yes, we aren’t the only company in this market. There are many companies in the market of making furniture. What makes us different is our core values and beliefs in our own product line up. Our aim isn’t to compete with any company rather we aim to be different while offering a unique product line up, products that makes us different and in turn makes your home different too, in a beautiful way!

Cortina KPI


At Cortina we value ourselves on a daily basis and we use the following Key Performance Indicators to help us know where we stand at all times during our business running cycle:

Material Management

We don’t compromise here this is exactly why we have strictly priced all our products in line with the materials cost. The materials we use to build our furniture is hand selected to represent our name in front of our valued clients. We always review our supplier’s materials to make sure we are having our customers back every step of the way.


Communication both externally and internally, we believe in communication we always inform and like to be informed of all the details every step of the process. We always make sure that the customer is informed about any changes in order or if any item is out of stock or if simply any change is needed in the order making.

Customer Demand Management

We pride ourselves in this quality “Honesty” as we are custom furniture makers things could go sideways for us especially during busy seasons so we always communicate with the customer and inform them in all honesty as we believe in the saying “An Ugly truth is way better than a beautiful lie”.

Outcome Performance

So, everything we produce goes through very strict quality control process and if any flaw is detected we make sure to inform the customer if more time is needed (usually that isn’t the case as we plan this ahead of time to avoid any possible delays).

Workforce Management

This is where it gets serious, we are selective when it comes to employee’s quality and experience so we aim for the best out there and when they are here, we train them to become even better. In the end of the day, we also believe that the customer is the most important judge in this topic so with your help we always strive to improve and get better at serving you!